Hi Drugrunners,

The last few months we have been busy developing season 4. As we already told on Discord, the new season will be completely different. Next season we will introduce a custom GTA mode, that will include weapons, vehicles and heist. To give you an impression of the GTA world we have made a number of screenshots:

OFFICIAL August Update
Hello DrugRunners!

We have had a relatively productive August. This post is coming a little late, as the updates have already been pushed, but this post will outline all the changes.
As usual, please report any bugs, glitches or exploits you might encounter to the server staff in-game, on Discord or via the forums.

This update is already live :)

In this update, we added a whole new generation of drugs, and included some extras within the first generation. Other than the new drugs, the biggest change is the addition of Packed Drugs (AKA Drug Bricks). Alongside those, we added 2 special drug items: Sticky Powder, and Refinement Powder. Drug Bricks were also added for all G1 drugs. To see a list of all the G2 drugs, type /drugs and click the arrow in the bottom right.
Sticky Powder is used to create drug bricks. In a crafting table, put sticky powder in the middle, and then fill the rest of the slots with the same drug. The output will be 1 drug brick for the drug you input. Sticky Powder has its own recipe: 1 string + 1 gunpowder. To see this recipe, type /drugs and click on Sticky Powder
Refinement Powder is used to turn some drugs into a "pure" form. You simply put the drug + refinement powder in a crafting table. Refinement powder has its own recipe: 1 bone + 1 redstone. To see this recipe, type /drugs and click on Refinement Powder
Drug Bricks all have the the same fundamental recipe. In a crafting table, put 1 Sticky Powder (in the middle) + 8 Drug of your choice (around the sticky powder). Fun fact: If you consume a drug brick like a normal drug, the brick will break into 7 of the drug!
This update came with a heavily requested feature: Crop and Mob hoppers.
Crop Hoppers collect all crops in a chunk. The 2 limitations are that a...​

Welcome to our June Update!

It is finally here! After a somewhat rough start of the new season, failing drug plugins and countless of other bugs that we had to fix, we can safely say that we have left all of that behind us now and things are really starting to get into shape. This months update is mainly a content update that will bring in a lot of new features, with some smaller features and bug fixes here and there.

As usual, please report any bugs, glitches or exploits you might encounter to the server staff ingame, on Discord or via the forums.

The update will be pushed this sunday - and we will host a series of events including a DP!

Drop Party on Sunday 24th of June
Including 4 hours of Abandoned City V2!


Abandoned City is back!
There is a new map to explore and we have changed the way how the game works. We are introducing Quarantine Zones, Hot Spots, Boss Spawns and a whole lotta loot that can be found all over the map. Loot chests now come in tiers, regular tiers can be found anywhere on the map, the more rare tiers can only be found in Quarantine Zones or near Hot Spots. This means that players will have to take risks to get better loot (PvP being enabled and tough bosses).