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Discussion in 'Denied suggestions' started by TitanicAcee213, May 17, 2017.

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    Nov 1, 2016
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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am a Police on drugrun server. I have experienced the new crafting recipes that were released by 010David a week ago. The recipes consisted of materials that we harder to obtain and may need to be changed. The other thing that me and some other cops thought that would be very much necessary is that there be stackable water buckets. That would make it way much easier for cops to craft recipes with water buckets because of the soul fact that we have to pull out 3 empty buckets of water and put 3 new ones in while druggies only have to transfer sugar cane to paper. There should be a middle where police and druggies can be the same but different at the same time. But would have similar qualities as to prices. I know there is alot of complaining in this thread but it should be fixed to its necessary requirements...

    Thank you for reading if you did!
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    It's really not that hard as you only need 9 iron to create 3 buckets and 3 buckets creates infinite of whatever recipe you are making. Druggies have to constantly farm and craft.

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