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    Hello all. I figured it probably time to post this on the forums.

    For a few days now I have been developing a toolkit which aims to simplify one Minecraft experience while playing DrugRun. All of my beta builds/source codes are available online at my GitHub page.

    Right now the toolkit features:

    • Wealth/Rank calculator - Want to know if all the drugs you're storing will be enough to get you to your desired rank? Use this calculator to figure out just that! THIS FEATURE IMPLEMENTS THE UPCOMING DONOR DRUG SALE PRICE MULTIPLIER
    • External/Integrated voting system - Always hated opening every single link to vote? Either open all 10 sites with one click, or use our integrated voting system instead!
    • Latest news fetching - Never be behind on the latest news, right from the front page of drugrun.net!
    • Automatic resource pack installing - No more hunting around the forums and navigating your file system, this tool lets you install the latest resource pack in just the click of a button!

    Features to come:
    Please check my GitHub page for the latest information on features-to-come

    Latest Caps:



    Visit my GitHub Page
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