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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Qaazx, May 9, 2017.

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    There was some small talk on the server just now about how the prestige system works on this server, and how some people don't fully understand it, and since prestiging is still a relatively new feature on DrugRun, I've decided to make this post to explain more in-depth on the prestige system.

    All players start out at Prestige 0, meaning there is no red number prefix before their ingame rank. P0 players rank up like normal until they hit President. Once a player is President, they are able to Prestige.

    Advancing to P1 with /prestige (and /presfix if necessary) will cost the player 40,000,000, and they will be reset to Grower with the prefix [1]. As a prestiged player, you will still have access to permissions from previous ranks (access to herengracht, /kit President, etc), and you will have now unlocked the Prestige shop with /shop prestige. The reward for hitting first prestige is one Wicked Key, and the multiplier for prestige shop as P1 is 3.0x.

    Now having prestiged, you will go through the normal ranks at the rank house and herengracht like you did the first time until you are President again. You will use /prestige again which will cost 50,000,000 and your prestige prefix will be updated to [2]. The reward is two Wicked Keys, and your multiplier for prestige shop is now 3.5x.

    This process repeats several times until you hit Prestige 10, which is the max prestige level. As a P10 player, your /shop prestige multiplier is 5.0x.

    The price of each prestige goes up by 10,000,000 each consecutive level. For example, P1 is 40mil, P2 is 50mil, P3 is 60mil, and so on. However, P9 is 130mil and P10 is 150mil. The price of all the prestiges alone (without the rankups in between) is exactly 1,000,000,000.

    * The prices of the ranks in between the prestiges do not increase. It will cost you 80,920,000 each time to go from Grower to President.

    * The increment the prestige shop multiplier increases by decreases each time you prestige. For example, as P1, your shop multiplier is 3.0x, and it increases by 0.5 to 3.5x when you prestige again, by 0.3 to 3.8x as P3, and it goes down to increasing by 0.1x for each prestige until your shop maxes out at 5.0x at P10.

    * The reward for prestiging is Wicked Keys equal to the prestige you just hit. (P7 will give you 7 keys for example).

    * The total cost from Citizen to P10 President is 1,890,125,000.

    Ask any other questions you may have below.
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