Mobs That Drop Drugs

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    If you're spending time on Drugrun; you either improve your base and farms, farm/craft drugs, grind exp for enchants, or multiple other small things like police or parkour that don't get used enough. The main aspect of the server are the enchants and making money and both are safe and repetitive. The other smaller aspects of DrugRun like koth, drop parties, pvp, etc aren't used enough and don't provide enough entertainment if you don't feel like farming or crafting drugs. The concept of DrugRun is very cool but gets boring which is why players leave so often in my opinion.

    Crafting and farming drugs is the only good source of income on the server and that gets VERY boring, causing people to not stay for very long on the server if they want to make money. While there are other ways to make money, they either suck, are more boring, or are unreliable.

    If you want to make money: repetitively farm and craft drugs. Because of this, factions are basically useless. When you look at the top factions, all of their money is in player balances because there is nothing worth having except for farms and if you only have farms, there is no need for a faction base. This makes the server very noncompetitive and basically farm simulator.

    With the addition of drug drops from mobs, there will be another route to making money if you're a player. With spawners being worth something, players will start to collect them and want to protect them with faction bases, making the server more competitive.

    At a certain point, your farms can't improve because you can only make a limited amount of drugs. With spawners being able to make players money, instead of the same process of farming and crafting and not being able to improve on anything you have, you hit a ceiling which can really cause boredom.

    | Letting spawner drops actually be worth something will add a whole new element to the economy which is a lot more fun and competitive than the current system. Adding stuff that is cool for 3 days won't grow the server but adding another element to the very one dimensional economy will have permanent effects. In my opinion, the admins put a lot of effort into the wrong stuff that won't get the deserved results. I don't think that fishing or police get used as much as they should for the effort put in to implement them, but if spawners were able to make money then I highly doubt it will be ignored. |

    I only wrote this because I'm procrastinating a lab but it's fucking true :)

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