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By maxito43 on Aug 22, 2016 at 6:11 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    We are implementing some big changes to DrugRun soon, please read this entire post carefully to understand what is happening to the server economy, redstone farms and drugs. We are working hard behind the scenes to implement all of these changes as soon as possible. Please understand that it's a lot of work for us and it may take up to a week, or two, until everything is ready.

    ** UPDATE 26 Sep 2016 **
    All changes have been applied and the new drugs have been introduced.

    If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reply to this post.

    Overview of upcoming changes
    - Overal changes to reduce redstone usage on the server to a minimum
    - Nerfed Pumpkins & Melon(seeds) to get rid of the massive automatic redstone farms everywhere.
    - Buffed some drug prices that can't be automated using redstone.
    - Buffed recipe prices & finalize Methylamine / Bluecrystal
    - Added Cactus Green as a new type of drug
    - Added Cacao Beans as a new type of drug
    - New drugshop for Mobster & VIP/VIP+: 1.5x
    - New drugshop for Godfather & Lord/King: 2.0x
    - New drugshop for Minister & Emp/MVP: 2.5x

    Why these changes?
    The main reason for this is to bring down the usage of redstone on the server. Right now the server is overloaded at peak times and redstone ticks are taking up to 80% of the CPU resources, which is not good for the server.
    In order to reduce Redstone tickcounts, any type of automatic farm that uses a lot of repeaters, clocks, or any redstone in general, will be nerfed down hard. Drug prices will be altered for all drugs and we aim to make Cactus Green the new type of drug for automated farms. This means automated farms for pumpkins/melons that use a lot of redstone are no longer worth it. We kindly request all players to start turning off their redstone farms and slowly switch over to Cactus or manual farming.

    We understand that nerfing down Pumpkins to reduce redstone lag, will have a big impact on the servers economy, as it's currently the most common way to make a quick buck on DrugRun. To compensate the nerfs, we have decided to buff some drugs while Pumpkin & Melons are getting nerfed, and we will add Cactus Green as a new drug that can be used for automatic farms that do not require redstone to work.

    Updated Drugs [Work in Progress]
    :351:1: Sativa Marijuana
    Cactus Green is Sativa Marijuana
    Sells in Coffeeshops around the spawn and sells raw cactus for Godfather+ shops.
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack

    :296: Indica Marijuana
    Wheat is Indica Marijuana
    Sells in Coffeeshops around the spawn and ranked shops
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack

    :351:3: Maroc Hasj
    Cacao Beans is Maroc Hasj
    Sells in Coffeeshops around the spawn and ranked shops
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack

    :362: Afghan Hasj
    Melon Seeds is Afghan Hasj
    Sells in Coffeeshops around the spawn and ranked shops
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack

    :40: Red Shrooms
    Shrooms are Mushrooms
    Sells in Smartshops around the spawn and ranked shops
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack

    :39: Brown Shrooms
    Shrooms are Mushrooms
    Sells in Smartshops around the spawn and ranked shops
    Base price: Ⓓxxx per stack
    :353: Cocaine

    :372: MDMA

    :361: Crystal Meth

    :432: Krokodil

    :339: LSD

    :406: Heroine

    Thank you for reading. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause for some players. We however think this is the best way to deal with the recent redstone issues, as we can't keep nerfing everything so we have to tackle this issue from the source, hence removing the need to use as much redstone. This thread is still a work in progress and we will keep updating it.

    - DrugRun Staff
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Discussion in 'News' started by maxito43, Aug 22, 2016.

    1. Webbey0828
      I like the changes. Keep up the good work, guys!
    2. TheObliquities
      Question regarding the current condition of hoppers. Will the speed of those be reverted back to normal after the cactus drug is added?
    3. Flavour

      The speed was already reverted back, and then nerfed to 8 ticks (instead of the original 40)
    4. Dahsneakysnake

      Great change! I think this is one of the best options for both the players and the server. Less lag is always nice :p
      But i do really think that also the police team needs a buff to compensate the changes for criminals, here are some ideas:

      -Give also the police team better sellshops to sell our confisticated drugs for more when we get to higher ranks.

      -Add recipes that are only for police members (easy ones but also hard ones and also without drugs)

      -Add a sort of 'taser' that slows criminals for X amount of time but it will have a huge reload time
      (This idea seems a bit overpowered)

      -Add an inspections tool that lets you see the players inventory
      It will also have a 'reload time' Example: Left click or right click with an item or the jailstick on a player to see their inventory
      Pros: You will now be able to check their inventory if they have drugs or not so you dont waste 200.00 dollars
      Cons: You will need a little bit time check their inventory so criminals will still have the chance to run from the police

      Feel free to give conrtuctive critism/feedback!
      But please dont hate!

      Thank you for your time!

      Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
    5. TheObliquities
      Hasn't the nerf been around for over a week? If so, what I'm asking is will it go back to the way vanilla minecraft intended?
    6. Flavour
      Yeah it has. I would assume that he would change it back of we can achieve high tps and stability when we have 40+ players
    7. Cuddlyvermon
      Cactus green should be sold for more than regular cactus in the godfather+ shops since you cant buy coal it will be a good system.
    8. Flavour
      Eh. You can buy fuel in warp shops and using different types of fuel really emphasizes the use of McMMo Smelting.

      -1 for this
    9. Cuddlyvermon
      What like wood? that would be horribly inefficient
    10. Cuddlyvermon
      But still why not make more money from cactus green since it is extra time?
    11. Flavour
      McMMo smelting. At level 1000 you have a 4x fuel efficiency bonus. 1 piece of charcoal lasts for 80 seconds (i think), and smells 8 items. With smelting boost, 1 piece of charcoal lasts 320 seconds, and smells 32 items.

      If you buy 7 logs from shop, you turn one log into 4 planks for fuel, and use the other 6 logs as items to smelt, you will end up with 6 charcoal. 6 charcoal at 0 smelting will give you 48 cactus greens. 6 charcoal at 1000 smelting will give you 192 cactus greens.

      Point is, to prevent things like 5mil an hour, the cactus should be set and kept at it's introduction price, but it will be enough to where it doesn't need to be buffed.
    12. Flavour
      Where are the new drugshops located For Mobster/VIP/VIP+? There is no warp that i can see.

      Same for GF/Lord/King (other than /warp donor).

      EDIT: Found the bug i think. mobster shop can be accessed through /shop mobster, but that means we can sell anywhere and not have to travel.. no /shop godfather as far as i have tried.
      Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
      Webbey0828 likes this.

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