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    Hello all,

    This thread is here to answer your questions about airdrops, give you information about how they work, what prizes you can get, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member in-game! Let's get started.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is an airdrop?
    A: An airdrop is a chest that spawns in the WarZone at /wild. Players need to search through the WarZone to find an airdrop. When an airdrop is found, a player should right-click on it. At that point, the player will receive some loot.

    This is what a Rare Airdrop looks like:

    Q: Where do I find airdrops?
    A: Go to /wild. Airdrops will be in the WarZone, or the big red square on /f map. PvP is ENABLED in the WarZone, so be on the lookout for another player(s)! Airdrops will shoot up a firework every 20 seconds to make them more noticeable.

    Q: What do I get from airdrops?
    A: See the table below. Depending on the tier of the airdrop, you can get very simple things such as money or tokens, all the way up to boss eggs, kits, and other goodies.

    Q: How do I know when airdrops spawn?
    A: Airdrops can be activated 2 ways:
    1) Airdrops spawn every 3 hours automatically.
    2) A player uses an Airdrop Flare.

    To see the amount of time before the next automatic airdrop spawns, type /airdrop.
    When an airdrop spawns automatically or with a flare, you will see this message: [​IMG]

    Q: What is an airdrop flare?
    A: An airdrop flare is an item which allows you to start an airdrop whenever you want. You can activate an airdrop with a flare only if there is not another airdrop active at the time. If you use an airdrop flare, remember that the crates will spawn in the WarZone at /wild - they will NOT spawn at your location.

    This is what airdrop flares look like:

    Q: How do I get an airdrop flare?
    A: Airdrop flares can be acquired in a number of ways. You could get them when you open Vote crate, Rare crate, Epic crate, Gift of the Traveler, winning king of the hill, etc.

    Q: How do I know when the airdrop event ends?
    A: The airdrop event is over when all airdrops have been found. When a airdrop is found, you will see a message in chat saying who found a drop and how many drops are remaing. After all airdrops are found, you will get another message saying that all airdrops have been found.

    This is the message when someone finds and airdrop:

    This is the message when all airdrops have been found:


    Now that you know the basics of airdrops, let's move on to what goodies you can get from them.

    Currently we have tiered airdrops which match the tiers at /warp crates. There are Rare airdrops, Epic airdrops, Legendary airdrops, Wicked airdrops, and ??? airdrops. Each increasing tier has a lower chance to spawn than the previous tier. E.G Epic airdrops will spawn less than Rare airdrops.

    Airdrop Spawn Chances:
    78.8% | Rare Airdrop
    16.2% | Epic Airdrop
    2.50% | Legendary Airdrop
    1.60% | Wicked Airdrop
    0.90% | ??? Airdrop

    Finally, let's get to the loot. To keep things spicy with airdrops, the possible rewards will only be vague - no chances and no quantities :).

    - Obsidian
    - TNT
    - God Apples
    - Money
    - Tokens
    - mcMMO Credits
    - DailySpin Reset Token
    - Airdrop Flare
    - Rare Armour
    - Rare Tools/Weapons
    - Epic Armour
    - Epic Tools/Weapons
    - Legendary Armour
    - Legendary Tools/Weapons
    - Wicked Armour
    - Wicked Tools/Weapons
    - Rare Crate Keys
    - Mystery Crate Keys (420/421/422)
    - Epic Crate Keys
    - Legendary Crate Keys
    - Contraband Crate Keys
    - Wicked Crate Keys
    - Uncommon Boss Eggs
    - Rare Boss Eggs
    - Epic Boss Eggs
    - Legendary Boss Eggs
    - Wicked Boss Eggs
    - Totem of Upgrading
    - And a lot more :)


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