[Events] Holidays, Christmas & Drop Parties!

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    DrugRun Christmas Trailer

    DrugRun will be celebrating Christmas this year with lots of events! As you most likely have seen, our spawn has turned white and now has a Christmas theme added to it. We have prepared a special update for the holidays, and many new features will be added soon, some are there to stay and others are here for the holidays only. Don't miss out on the upcoming events!

    Christmas Tree
    Explore the insides of the tree and find the hidden entrance to the tree. We have hidden about 20 chests in the tree which can be looted once a day. You will find anything from special christmas drugs to keys and items. At the top of the tree we have placed 3 Xmas Crates for you to use, each crate holds the key to the next tier. The big wins are in the 5 snowflake crates!


    Sunday 11th December until Sunday 1st January
    - Tripled Vote Rewards (3x Vote key, 3x Tokens and $6,000 per vote!)
    - Store Sales (30% off ranks and 60% off boosters and keys!)

    Friday 16th December until Sunday 1st January
    - Daily Lootable Christmas Tree Loot (See above)
    - Christmas Crates
    - 11 New quests

    Drop Party 1
    Sunday 18th December at 21:00 PM (UTC)

    Drop Party 2

    Happy Holidays everyone!
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Discussion in 'News' started by maxito43, Dec 9, 2016.

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