DrugRun is moving to a dedicated server!

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By maxito43 on Aug 7, 2016 at 12:54 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    We have decided that the time has come to move DrugRun to a more powerful, dedicated server.
    Nothing will be reset and we will transfer the entire server to the new host. Nothing has to be
    changed on your end, the server IP will remain mc.drugrun.net!

    During the move, the server will be down for a couple of hours. The website will however stay online!

    UPDATE 15 august 2016:
    DrugRun is moving hosts again tonight at 22:00 GMT +1. We have a new dedicated server that is a lot more powerful than the previous one. Downtime should not be longer than 1 hour unless we run into problems. The IP will remain mc.drugrun.net, however it may take up to 24 hours until the DNS is updated, in case it does not yet resolve for you; add mc2.drugrun.net.

    UPDATE 11 august 2016:
    The new dedicated server is not powerful enough to host DrugRun. We currently have a consumer grade Intel i7 4790k, which is simply not powerful enough to host DrugRun. The current CPU is slower and less efficient then the one we had on the previous host MCPH. We're currently looking into switching hosting provider again, to an actual dedicated server with a server-type (Xeon) CPU. When we have completed the switch the stability issues should've been fixed. More details will follow on this later. In order to keep the server TPS up with 40 people online, auto farms have been COMPLETELY disabled for the time being, chances are they will start working again when we have a proper dedicated server. Thank you for your understanding!

    Why the move?

    DrugRun has had multiple DDoS attacks recently, and the current host seems to fail sometimes in mitigating these attacks resulting in severe lag and timeouts. The new dedicated server will have the best DDoS protection out there, and there will be nothing that can take it down. Next to that the new server is very powerful, and we'll be able to host hundreds of players with it. We may even change some limits on React to allow you to have more entities!

    Again, nothing will be reset and the entire server will be transferred!

    Thank you for playing DrugRun!

    - DrugRun Staff
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Discussion in 'News' started by maxito43, Aug 7, 2016.

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