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    Hello DrugRun!
    As of now we have implemented the new Drugs overhaul.

    First of all we want to thank you for all the feedback we received in-game, pm's and on the feedback topic.

    Click me for the all the changes

    All the new custom drugs

    Drug Types
    Raw drugs:
    Indica Marijuana - Wheat
    Sativa Marijuana - Cactus green
    Afghani Hash - Cocoa Beans
    Manali Hash - Pumpkin seeds
    Magic Mushroom - Red shrooms
    Bottlecap - Brown shrooms
    Cocaine - Sugar
    LSD - Paper
    Peyote - Chorus fruit
    Ecstasy - Nether wart
    Opium - Melon seeds
    Heroine - Quartz
    Sugar cane

    Custom recipes:


    Pot Flour


    Kush Cookie

    Kush Bread

    Clay = potflour

    Kush Cake

    Clay = potflour


    Jungle Juice

    Clay = potflour


    Party hard cake

    Clay = Pot Flour
    Bowl = Jungle Juice
    Tear = Hydrocodone
    Cake = Kush cake

    We still have to do a few things, after that the Drug Overhaul is 100% done!

    To Do list:
    - Update store with mutlipliers - Done
    - Update /rank command with multipliers - Done
    - Create a /recipes command - Done
    - Create a recipe tutorial topic linked to /recipes - Done
    - Update police shop prices
    - Update /drugs command - Done
    - Update frisking with the new recipes - Done
    - Add new recipes drug effects
    - Add some old recipes back - Done
    - DrugRun Staff
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Discussion in 'News' started by 010David, Jul 13, 2017.

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