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    Welcome to our October Update! If you are not aware, the school season has started, which means it will be a bit quiet. The DrugRun Staff team has been doing some work behind the scenes, and you guys have been very patient. Along with some fundamental changes, we have added quite a lot of content in this update, and items on our list are getting checked off!


    To start off the new content, the introduction of RaidMe. RaidMe (if not given away by the name) is a feature that will spawn fortified bases across the world. These bases will contain loot and other goodies, but will be as tough to raid as a player's base or a faction's base.

    These randomly spawning bases will be following our tier system, and the loot inside is also relative to the tier of the base. The introduction of RaidMe will only contain Uncommon bases for now - higher tiered bases will be added soon! For a better idea, here is some info regarding the bases:

    Ready to raid? Type /raidme in-game for info and the location of the base!


    Next up, we have The Traveler. The Traveler (named Flip), is a mysterious and influential man who travels across the map collecting items in exchange for gifts! The Gifts of the Traveler contain some items which are exclusive to the gift - They can only be acquired by opening the Gift!

    Here is the loot table for the Gift of the Traveler. Bold items are exclusive to the Gift of the Traveler:
    | ???
    | ???
    | ???
    | ???
    | ???

    | Free Rank-Up Card
    | Wicked Crate Key (x1)
    | Wicked Crate Key (x3)
    | Wicked Helm
    | Wicked Chestplate
    | Wicked Leggings
    | Wicked Boots
    | Wicked Bow
    | Wicked Sword
    | Wicked Axe
    | Wicked Pickaxe
    | 60 Minute Drug Shop Booster
    | 120 Minute Drug Shop Booster

    | 60 Minute mcMMO Booster
    | 120 Minute mcMMO Booster

    | Wicked Potions

    | Contraband Crate Key (x1)
    | Contraband Crate Key (x3)
    | Contraband Crate Key (x5)
    | Totem of Upgrading (x1)
    | Totem of Upgrading (x2)
    | Totem of Upgrading (x3)
    | Portable Kit: Raid I
    | Portable Kit: Food I
    | Portable Kit: Combat I
    | Portable Kit: Potions I

    | Donator Crate Key (x1)
    | Donator Crate Key (x3)

    | Legendary Crate Key (x1)
    | Legendary Crate Key (x3)
    | Legendary Crate Key (x5)
    | Legendary Helm (Mending)
    | Legendary Chestplate (Mending)
    | Legendary Leggings (Mending)
    | Legendary Boots (Mending)
    | Legendary Bow (Mending)
    | Legendary Sword (Mending)
    | Legendary Axe (Mending)
    | Legendary Pickaxe (Mending)
    | Legendary Shovel (Mending)
    | Airdrop Flare (x1)
    | Airdrop Flare (x3)
    | Airdrop Flare (x5)
    | Legendary Potions

    | Epic Crate Key (x1)
    | Epic Crate Key (x5)
    | Epic Crate Key (x10)
    | Epic Helm
    | Epic Chestplate
    | Epic Leggings
    | Epic Boots
    | Epic Bow
    | Epic Sword
    | Epic Axe
    | Epic Pickaxe
    | Epic Shovel
    | DailySpin Reset Token (x1)
    | DailySpin Reset Token (x2)
    | DailySpin Reset Token (x3)

    | Rare Crate Key (x3)
    | Rare Crate Key (x5)
    | Rare Crate Key (x7)
    | Mysterious Crate Key 420 (x5)
    | Mysterious Crate Key 421 (x5)
    | Mysterious Crate Key 422 (x5)
    | Mysterious Helm
    | Mysterious Chestplate
    | Mysterious Leggings
    | Mysterious Boots
    | Mysterious Bow
    | Mysterious Sword
    | Mysterious Axe
    | Mysterious Pickaxe

    | Vote Crate Key (x3)
    | Vote Crate Key (x5)
    | Vote Crate Key (x10)
    | mcMMO Credits (x15)
    | mcMMO Credits (x35)
    | mcMMO Credits (x55)
    | mcMMO Credits (x100)
    | mcMMO Credits (x200)
    | 50,000
    | 00,000
    | 150,000
    | 250,000
    | 300,000
    | 350,000
    | 500,000
    | Tokens (x50)
    | Tokens (x100)
    | Tokens (x250)
    | Tokens (x350)
    | Tokens (x500)
    | Tokens (x750)
    | Tokens (x1000)
    | Obsidian (x128)
    | Obsidian (x256)
    | Obsidian (x512)
    | TNT (x128)
    | TNT (x256)
    | TNT (x512)


    So after reading those lists above, you may be asking yourself "What is this stuff?", and the following information will hopefully answer your questions. Let's start off with additions to content, Tier changes, and everything else!

    One of the biggest efforts the staff team has made in Season 2, is making content as modular as possible. This means that we focused on creating a system where we can add more content a lot easier and somewhat quicker. It allows us a 'template' of sorts which we can modify.

    If you have ever noticed at the bottom of your weapons, armor, or tools, there is a little line that says DrugRun ____ Kit. Today, we are adding the DrugRun Consumable Kit. This is a collection of different consumable items (i.e items with a one time use). The first addition to the DrugRun Consumable Kit are Potions and Elixirs.

    are consumable liquids which give the user high-level but short-lasting effects or benefits.
    Elixirs are consumable liquids which give the user low-level but long-lasting effects for benefits.

    You may have seen the Wicked Elixir of Adventuring, which could only be acquired by successfully capturing The Hill. Fear not, this potion is one of a few in the Wicked tier of elixirs & potions. That is all we are going to say for right now. Expect a lot more from this category of the DrugRun Consumable Kit!

    Next up in the DrugRun Consumable Kit, sweet and to the point, we have increased accessibility to previous hard-to-acquire items. Items like Airdrop Flares, DailySpin Resets, and more.

    Tier Wicked:
    As mentioned before, wicked potions are infact here. However, something else you may have noticed on that loot list is Boosters! Yes, boosters are now attainable as an in-game item. They are NOT activated instantly, which means you get to carry around a very valueable item that will start a Drug Shop or mcMMO booster at your disposal.

    Tier Contraband:
    Contraband has been quiet for a little while. So we decided to add some contraband exclusives. Namely Portable Kits. As of this post, there are 2 Portable Kits that can be acquired though the Gifts of the Traveler. They are quite rare, but a Portable Kit is a kit which will give you 1 item that contains a lot of items! It's extremely efficient for those of you who have full inventories almost all the time, it will save some space. To receive the items in the Portable Kit, just right click the kit in your hand. The first two Portable Kits will be Portable Kit: Raid I & Portable Kit: Food I

    On top of the Portable Kits, we have added Upgrade Recipes! Upgrade Recipes are recipes which allow a player to upgrade the tier of a certain tiered item (Armor/Weapons/Tools for now). However, to upgrade from one tier to the next, you will be needing a Totem of Upgrading ✪✪✪✪✪✪. You place a full durability item and the Totem anywhere in a crafting bench, and you will get the next tier of the item you used. For example, I have an Epic Axe and a Totem of Upgrading. In a crafting table, I would put the Epic Axe and the Totem, and would receive a Legendary Axe. You might be thinking "RIP Wicked prices", however, we have taken some steps to prevent the crash of wicked items prices. First off, the Totem of Upgrading is quite rare and would be somewhat difficult or expensive to acquire since they can only be gotten from Gifts of the Traveler. Seconds, we have prevented the possibility of upgrading kit items. Any gear your get from a donor kit cannot be upgraded to the next tier using a Totem of Upgrading. You can tell if your gear is from a kit because it will have a special line at the bottom.

    These items are not from kits:

    These items are from kits:


    Tier Legendary:
    With the introduction of the Consumable Items, Legendary Tier consumable items, such as Airdrop Flares. We plan to add more consumables to this tier :)

    Tier Epic:
    As we descend the tiers, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep items in these tiers that really appeal to players on both ends of the 'noob-god' spectrum. One of the few things added to the Epic Tier rewards is going to be DailySpin Resets. This will hopefully accomplish the task of giving DailySpin the proper attention it deserves. We have seen yellow-ranks ask what DailySpin is!

    Finally, we would like to point out that due to sheer size of this update, there is quite a few items that are not listed in this post, as well as some loots and mechanics. Since the next week is crucial to the progress of The Traveler and RaidMe and everything else listed in this post, we will try our hardest to monitor everything and get you guys updated ASAP (especially on the stuff we missed!). We absolutely encourage you guys to post any bugs/glitches/exploits that you find so we can patch them up.

    As always, thank you all for your continued support of DrugRun, it means the world to us!

    - The DrugRun Staff Team

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Discussion in 'News' started by Flavour, Oct 8, 2017.

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