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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Berwyn2, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Hello, So today I was banned. Reason = "continuing to fight staff after hackwarn"
    Banned By = "Bluntfrizzy"
    Username = "Berwyn2"

    So I was on Drugrun, fighting some wither skeletons at a /warp arena and then i got kicked and it said "Remove your hack client!!!!" Or something like that and i joined and asked what just happened and then Bluntfrizzy said I was kicked for hacking and I said that I wasnt (Which I wasnt) and then he kept arguing I was and I kept saying I wasnt and then he said that I was using killaura because i punched the air when he was infront of me...and then he banned me. I was not using kill aura, but a spiral setting on my mouse that allows you to click faster my just rolling the wheel on the side. I do admit that I was fighting but he was accusing me of 1 hacking, and 2 lying about it, which I was not! Btw I would like to report him 4 abuse of power, earlier he was /vanish and dropped me some steak and I asked if it was him and he said yes, and since then blocks had been getting destroyed around me for ages and he was denying it (he was trolling me) then later I was building a sky base and he destroyed the floor under me so I fell to my death and lost all my stuff. And this was for no reason other than he could.

    I would really appreciate an unban please.
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    Great story, u left out some details as in "plausible evidence", I'm sure a fellow staff member would love to go to ur base and core inspect block logs to find out I was never there,nor at the place of origins where I went out of my way to give u food and 3 diamond blocks from my kit for u to make a pickaxe, then me returning to my friend's base as I voted by their side for the duration where u said and quote "abusing" and "trolling".

    You were already salted as u stated " I left about a year ago and came back and all my stuff was gone".

    This was result to a server reset, which was not my personal doing,but every player got the reset and was posted in all drugrun media months prior to reset.

    As for the hackusation, it was not false nor I have any vendetta or plot to ban you.
    I just happened to go to aban to go try a new resource pack, I flew by to take in the new view when suddenly was spammed with NPC msgs then turned and there you were using killaura, this was the reason why you were hackwarned, then continued to argue with me without taking the client off and made it look like I was out to get you, I don't troll or kill players, this is a fact.

    I'll end this brief explanation here and let another staff member look into your ban appeal.


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