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    In-game Name: JosanDrot5

    Why was I banned: I used a hacked client called Wurst.

    Why should we believe you have changed as a player: I deleted all hacked clients. This server is the best server I've played on I prefer erasing them just to play in here. I want to be honest. I used the client to xray spawners and bases. I didn't use it for nothing else.

    Why do yo believe we should unban you: 1. This server relaxed me every day I met so many people I've been always nice to everyone I met so many people I'm ready to to come back and meet with this people again. 2. I erased everything from my Minecraft client and never using it again on any server just so I can play on this one. 3. I want to apologize to everyone.

    What does the community gain from giving you another chance: Honestly I always chat with every single player on the server I have never been not nice to anyone on the server I like to build I only build and fish I love this server. I met so many people for real. All this people I met they became my friends in real life.

    6. How do we know you will not continue as before: I erased completely the hacked client from my computer I really need to go back to the server and play with everyone as I always did. This server is crazy so much effort and love for the server from the builders/staff have made this server the favorite of so many people I really want to come back.

    Thank You so much I hope u change your mind.
    Love JosanDrot5

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