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    Today we're going to talk about some of the features we've added, and some of the changes we've made. As of the last week, we introduced a refreshed airdrop and a new spawn and tons of cool things, but there is still some stuff we need to get to. Let's get started!


    With refresh of airdrops, we've properly implemented the tiers. These changes will take effect on December 1st. All tiers of airdrops will be able to spawn, and you can get some really shiny goodies. If you don't know what airdrops are, or want some more information, click here.


    If you logged in today, you may have noticed that your suffix has gone missing! Us admins were getting a little tired of having to manually edit people's suffixes. Alongside that, there are a lot of players who wanted to have their own tag at the end of their name. To change your suffix type /suffix. This will open a menu of all possible tags you can wear.

    All donator ranks have their own tag if you wish to wear, or we have added a couple tags that everyone has access too. Going forward from there, we are going to have tags which will be Limited Edition, that you can only get at some event or major holiday which is hosted on the server. You can also get tags from crates, airdrops, etc. There will be tags which will be exclusive to something - this means that you would only be able to get this tag in one way. For example, we have added two tags ([Gladiator] & [Champion]) which can only be acquired by capturing the Hill.

    However, these are not the only ways you can get tags. If you have been to the Black Market in the last day, you may have noticed a giant boat! In front of that boat is Corbin, who is an Agent for Black Flamingo Company. He will sell titles in exchange for tokens.



    Recently we added a limit of 1 week rent time for all Player Shops. However, there are currently some player shops which have already been rented far into 2018. This is more of a formal warning to EVERY player who owns a playershop. Since this is not a perfect world and we all live in different timezones, we have created a timer you can follow. When this timer is over, all player shops will be unrented, and you will have to rent your playershop again, or else someone could snag it from you!

    Here is a link to the countdown:


    A lot of you have been asking about RaidMe, and when we are going to implement bigger bases. So to answer your question, yes we do plan on implementing bigger bases, but we need to fine-tune some of the issues we have seen with Uncommon bases.

    One of the issues which came up was people making nether portals to portal straight into the RaidMe bases. To prevent this, we have disabled all nether portals. Soon we will add a command for you to travel to a random place in the nether, but until then you will have to be patient.


    That's all the important stuff. We will make another post for other things later, but we have some cool stuff planned for this christmas and the new year. Stay tuned.

    As always, have fun

    - DrugRun Staff Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Flavour, Nov 30, 2017.

    1. ThatsMyBikeJamal
    2. Gramspa
      Are hills from now on giving you the champion and gladiator suffix? I've captured hill multiple times before, and I was wondering if I can get the suffixes since hill is an ez cap. Thanks! :L
    3. Flavour

      They are not yet implemented (they will be on friday, dec 1st), but they will be a chance reward, similar to boss eggs, wicked potions, etc. You will have an x% chance to get a title if you capture the hill.
    4. Gramspa
      Oh, okay! I did not read the sentence right, i guess. I assumed that once you captured hill, you instantly obtained the suffix tag. I understand now that it is a reward. Thanks for the clarification! :L
    5. oboshia

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