Happy 4/20 day!
Today we have released Blackmarket


Weapon shop
Armor shop
Tool shop
Enchantment shop
Repair shop
Food shop
Token shop

New quest

Alot of more updates are coming soon, stay tuned! :cool:

- Drugrun Staff

We accepted 3 new helpers!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Welcome @BlueCrazii, @~Blunt and @Matt to the team!

Current staff:

    • Owners: Maxito43, Looka
    • Admins: 010David, Flavour
    • Staff: Geekst3r, DrunkenPiglette
    • Helpers: ItzCarson, The0bliquities, Qaazx, Koszik, svtSandman, BlueCrazii, Bluntfrizzy, Saltiness

Hello DrugRun!

WORK IN PROGRESS - We are working down the list and plan to finish it all in the coming months.

Happy new year to all of you out there and best wishes to all of you!
It has been a rough year for DrugRun, there were some challenges to deal with, but we keep on improving the server for you guys with new features and changes. We have been working hard behind the scenes to implement all of the gameplay changes.

Please take your time to carefully read this post to understand all of it, some of the changes are really big and will have a large impact on gameplay.​


We have added a new area which is called The Black Market. This area holds new shops, but also has the Contraband Crate, Quests and much more. You can use the Toilet System in spawn to enter the Black Market, or just use the warp!​

One of the other new features are custom enchants. There are a lot of new enchants that you can apply to tiered gear such as Epic or Wicked chestplates. The new enchants have been added in books, and can be won from the crates. The best ones are in the top crates like usual.

  • Strength (Bukkit name: INCREASE_DAMAGE)​
  • Blindness (Bukkit name: BLINDNESS)​
  • Confusion (Bukkit name: Confusion)​
  • Harm (aka Instant Damage, Bukkit name: HARM)​
  • Hunger (Bukkit name: HUNGER)​
  • Poison (aka Poisoned) (Bukkit name:...​