Hello everyone,

We have been working hard behind the scenes to fine tune everything in Season 2 and will continue to do so. Below you will find the changelog of what we have added, changed and fixed in the last few weeks. The second batch of donator items from Season 1 (Keys, enchants, bosses etc.) will be scheduled for distribution later this week.

- Added PlayerVaults
- Added InstaWall
- Added Faction Top (/ftop)
- Added AuctionHouse (/ah)
- Added Lapis Mine (/mines)
- Switched to old voting plugin (/vote top)
- Fixed /baltop
- Fixed WeedButter & SpaceCake recipes
- Bosses have been slightly buffed and rewards for lower positions fixed
- TNT Cannon mechanics changed back to pre 1.7 behavior
- [TODO] Worldborder changed to circular and 20,000 blocks
- [TODO] Drug Overhaul & New recipes
- Price Change: Red Mushroom 36 -> 20
- Price Change: Brown Mushroom 36 -> 24

Vaults are virtual chests with 3 rows of storage that can only be accessed by entering the vault buildings in spawn (old apartment buildings from Season 1). Depending on how many vaults a player has unlocked, players will have to click on the signs to open their vaults. For example, if you have unlocked 3 vaults, you will be able to use Vault 1, 2 & 3. Each player can unlock up to 10 vaults, and they do not stack up. This means that if you are Lord, and Prestige 1, you will only have one vault and not two. Please read further below to see how many vaults you can access.

Get to the Vaults Building by using /warp vaults

Lord gets 1 vault
King gets 2 vaults
Emperor gets 3 vaults
MVP gets 4 vaults
Wicked gets 5 vaults

Prestige 1 gets 1 vault
Prestige 2 gets 2 vaults
Prestige 3 gets 3 vaults...

Yesterday we had our first pvp tournament on season 2, it was a great succes! Thanks to all participations.
From now on we will do a montly pvp tournament at the end of the month.


#1 Place - Jakes1201

Prize: $ 50 Coupon + 5x Wicked keys
Special NPC statue in spawn

#2 Place - Soapi
Prize: $ 25 Coupon + 3x Wicked keys

#3 Place - Flamingmikeable
Prize: $ 15 Coupon + 2x Wicked keys

#4 Place - 1920px
Prize: $ 10 Coupon + 3x Donator keys

#5 Place - Peqz
Prize: $ 5 Coupon + 2x Donator keys

Q&A with our winner Jakes1201!

How does it feel to become first?
Amazing! Very proud of myself overcoming my out-of-control nerves.

How did you do it? Any tricks?
Nope, at first I was going to jitter click(basically just being able to click fast) but couldn't quite grip my mouse properly, so I just pointed and clicked. Aiming is one of the best talents to have in pvp.

What did you do with the prize money?
I bought my little cousin an upgrade to Emperor and bought myself some donator keys and boss eggs.

Are you going to play next tournament? If yes, are you going to win again?
I don't think so, if I do it will be very last minute. If I did play again I would think I'd get pretty far, but winning isn't 100%.

Anything else you want to share with us?
I would recommend to take out knockback and make the bows harder to use (don't do as much damage), and just keep watching to make sure there aren't any cheater!

Thanks @BlueCrazii for...

We accepted 2 new helpers!

Welcome @hippyguyman and @oboshia to the team!