Hello all,

Today we have spent a few hours completely remaking our anticheat. We found that our previous version came up with a lot of false positives. With that said, we did in fact look through all our logs to make sure which were legitimate and which were not.

In an effort to keep the server hacker free, we have implemented a new version of our anticheat. This new version aims to take all aspects of the server and player connection into account before making a decision such as banning. It will take the player's ping, the server TPS (see if server is lagging), and it will check the player actions to keep the server hacker free!

This new implementation of the anticheat is in beta, and all punishments executed during this beta period will be reviewed by hand by the Admin team to make sure the punishment was legitimate. If it was not, then the player's punishments will be reverted, and the anticheat will get tweaked.

As always, have fun!

- DrugRun Staff Team

Welcome to our October Update! If you are not aware, the school season has started, which means it will be a bit quiet. The DrugRun Staff team has been doing some work behind the scenes, and you guys have been very patient. Along with some fundamental changes, we have added quite a lot of content in this update, and items on our list are getting checked off!


To start off the new content, the introduction of RaidMe. RaidMe (if not given away by the name) is a feature that will spawn fortified bases across the world. These bases will contain loot and other goodies, but will be as tough to raid as a player's base or a faction's base.

These randomly spawning bases will be following our tier system, and the loot inside is also relative to the tier of the base. The introduction of RaidMe will only contain Uncommon bases for now - higher tiered bases will be added soon! For a better idea, here is some info regarding the bases:

Ready to raid? Type /raidme in-game for info and the location of the base!


Next up, we have The Traveler. The Traveler (named Flip), is a mysterious and influential man who travels across the map collecting items in exchange for gifts! The Gifts of the Traveler contain some items which are exclusive to the gift - They can only be acquired by opening the Gift!

Here is the loot table for the Gift of the Traveler. Bold items are exclusive to the Gift of the Traveler:
| ???
| ???
| ???
| ???
| ???

| Free Rank-Up Card
| Wicked Crate Key (x1)
| Wicked Crate...

Hello DrugRun!

It is time for another monthly PVP Tournament and Drop Party!


Sunday, 30th July

[UTC+2] 19:00 - 21:00 Abandoned City Click me for countdown
[UTC+2] 21:00 - 21:30 Drop Party Click me for countdown
[UTC+2] 21:30 - 23:00 PVP Tournament Click me for countdown

Tournament prizes:
$30 Coupon + 3 Wicked keys + NPC statue in spawn
#2 $20 Coupon + 2 Wicked keys
#3 $15 Coupon + 1 Wicked Key
#4 $10 Coupon + 3 Donator Keys
#5 $5 Coupon + 2 Donator Keys