Hello DrugRun players!

As most of you know there have been issues logging into the server lately. Thats why we are
moving from host tomorrow, this will fix the connection problem!

When the transfer is done and the server is up and running again we will work on the following issues;

Server related issues:
  • Frisking
  • Votetop reset
  • /F Top
  • Rankup signs in Herengracht/Police station
  • Recipes
  • Combatlogging
  • /Seen
  • Questshop changing to x5 the normal price.
  • Adding all the drugs to Questshop
  • BuyCraft rank descriptions
Thanks Zias, Flavour and Flamingmikeable for reporting the issues!

-DrugRun staff

UPDATE 13-10-2016
We started the transfer, say tuned!

Stay tuned!
Hello players of drugrun!

As most of you know there have been issues logging into the server lately. The admin team has been working on hard resolving these errors without success.

UPDATE 4 Oct 2016:
The issues still persist, we can't seem to find the source and have confirmed it's not DrugRun but something in the network of our current host. This means we have to switch hosts again.
DrugRun is moving back to OVH this week. New location: Montreal, USA. Exact time will be announced within the next 48 hours.

The server has been working great the past couple of weeks, performance tweaking made it work at a stable 20TPS(Ticks per second). However, somehow something changed a couple of days ago(we still do not know what caused this) which causes errors such as "Outdated server I'm still on 1.9.4", "Authentication servers are down. Please try again later, sorry!", time outs and connection throttling. We've investigated the entire server, tried different server IP's, plugins, cache wipes, databases, multiple re-installs and other things. The fact is that we haven't found a pattern in the error messages yet.

Today we'll be testing out each plugin one by one and try to trace back the errors. Of course we also want the server to be up and running again as fast as possible due to hosting costs, current running ads which cost us a lot of money and players.

We recommend waiting out until the issues are resolved. Player data, worlds, economy will NOT be reset! Do not worry about that!

We hope to fix the issues soon and that you can all be playing on drugrun again!

If you think you may know what causes these issues or just have questions feel free to reply to this thread(We've checked a ton of stuff already though).

See you soon, DrugRun staff team.
Hello everyone,

We are implementing some big changes to DrugRun soon, please read this entire post carefully to understand what is happening to the server economy, redstone farms and drugs. We are working hard behind the scenes to implement all of these changes as soon as possible. Please understand that it's a lot of work for us and it may take up to a week, or two, until everything is ready.

** UPDATE 26 Sep 2016 **
All changes have been applied and the new drugs have been introduced.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reply to this post.

Overview of upcoming changes
- Overal changes to reduce redstone usage on the server to a minimum
- Nerfed Pumpkins & Melon(seeds) to get rid of the massive automatic redstone farms everywhere.
- Buffed some drug prices that can't be automated using redstone.
- Buffed recipe prices & finalize Methylamine / Bluecrystal
- Added Cactus Green as a new type of drug
- Added Cacao Beans as a new type of drug
- New drugshop for Mobster & VIP/VIP+: 1.5x
- New drugshop for Godfather & Lord/King: 2.0x
- New drugshop for Minister & Emp/MVP: 2.5x

Why these changes?
The main reason for this is to bring down the usage of redstone on the server. Right now the server is overloaded at peak times and redstone ticks are taking up to 80% of the CPU resources, which is not good for the server.
In order to reduce Redstone tickcounts, any type of automatic farm that uses a lot of repeaters, clocks, or any redstone in general, will be nerfed down hard. Drug prices will be altered for all drugs and we aim to make Cactus Green the new type of drug for automated farms. This means automated farms for pumpkins/melons that use...