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    Welcome to the Dragon Boss
    Quest Guide. Follow the Steps and you should have yourself a finished quest!
    - Kill the Dragon Boss
    - Quest Point x1
    - Legendary Crate Key x1
    People! Quests! Locations! Items! Warning!

    1.) To get started with the quest, talk to KingPin Eva. Talk to her by right-clicking.
    2.) Click the quest Dragon Boss.
    3.) First quest objective is to talk to Nathan.
    4.) To locate Nathan, go to /warp wild. Once there, head to coordinates X:42 Y:63 Z:-167. Warning! After you drop from the SafeZone, the area is a WarZone. All PvP is allowed here and it is possible someone could kill you. Be careful.
    5.) Talk to Nathan. Right-click on him to update the quest. You will need to right-click on him again to go into the chamber. Warning! After you right-click on Nathan a second time, you will have to face a boss. He has 40 health (20 hearts) and very strong armor. Warning! It is recommended you use a powerful bow and strong armor so you don't get killed!
    6.) Talk with Nathan again. You will be teleported into a dungeon. The Dragon Boss might not be there, but be patient, it will spawn.
    7.) As soon as you kill the Dragon Boss, it will drop a piece of Dragon Paper. Do not lose this piece of paper, as it is your only way to get the reward.
    8.) Talk to KingPin Eva. Right-click her with the Dragon Paper in your main hand to receive your reward.

    Hope this quest guide helped you. If I am missing something from this guide, please make a comment and I will add it. If you experience any bugs or glitches with this quest, please report ithere.

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