Hey everyone!

A couple days ago (from this post date), I was promoted to Admin because Max, Luca, and David have gotten very busy.

With that being said, we plan to tackle all the small issues that needed to be addressed. Alongside that, we also hope to implement some cool features as well as add some new content. We want to iterate that a lot of these changes wont happen instantly!

As always, if there is something you would like to see on the server, make a thread in the suggestions forum!

Overview of upcoming changes:
- Cactus price will be increased - Cactus price has been doubled in all shops
- Cactus Green price will be increased - Green price has been doubled!
- Pumpkin seed price will be increased
- Melon seed price will be increased
- Fixing or removing /f top - /f top was removed due to the buggy plugin
- Quest shop (5x multiplier) & relocation - New quest shop has been implemented!
- Mystery crate - All 3 Mystery crates have been completed :)
- Wicked crate - Implemented! /warp herengracht to use your wicked key!
- New auction setup
- Payable McMMo credits - Implemented! Use /credits send <person> <amount>
- Police shop updating and fixing - All drugs have been added to the Police Shop!
- and more!

These changes will make a smaller impact, but there are also some bigger projects in the works:

- Abandoned City - Implemented! Use /warp abancity
- Recipes overhaul
- PvP Arenas - Implemented! Please give all suggestions here.

And some other stuff. As mentioned before, if you have any suggestions of stuff you would like to see on the server, make a thread in the suggestions forum.

As always, have fun,

Hello everyone,

We have moved DrugRun back to OVH, located in Montreal, Canada. The new host has one of the best networks out there for minecraft hosting, and we run on very powerful hardware. With the move the issues with authentication servers and unable to login have been resolved.

We have assigned a few staff members to work on projects such as the Abandoned City.
A few of these projects should be released soon.

Drop Party
This weekend we'll host a drop party on sunday at 20:00 GMT +1 and activate the boostershops multiple times.

More people
Even though the server has been running poorly, we have collected over $400 which we can spend on 2 high traffic ads. Special thanks to Shilo_Burbans and Bluntfrizzy for supporting DrugRun. Everything should be back to normal and even better soon!

Happy playing!

- DrugRun Staff
Hello DrugRun players!

As most of you know there have been issues logging into the server lately. Thats why we are
moving from host tomorrow, this will fix the connection problem!

When the transfer is done and the server is up and running again we will work on the following issues;

Server related issues:
  • Frisking
  • Votetop reset
  • /F Top
  • Rankup signs in Herengracht/Police station
  • Recipes
  • Combatlogging
  • /Seen
  • Questshop changing to x5 the normal price.
  • Adding all the drugs to Questshop
  • BuyCraft rank descriptions
Thanks Zias, Flavour and Flamingmikeable for reporting the issues!

-DrugRun staff

UPDATE 13-10-2016
We started the transfer, say tuned!

Stay tuned!