Hello all,

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! DrugRun is going to be participating in a sale. From now until 11:59PM Friday, all ranks will be 25% OFF their original price. Boosters and Keys will be 50% OFF their original price. Make sure to take advantage of this sale!

In other news, my first month as admin is quickly coming to a close. In my last post I mentioned a good sum of changes. I'm pretty happy to say all of those changes were implemented, and they have worked out quite nicely. The only thing that was not scratched off that list was a new Auction setup. Our current setup does the job just fine, so there is no need for a new one.

For the near and seeable future, we have worked on a lot of Quality-of-Life changes for you guys. They are minor changes, but they make a noticeable difference in the gameplay. Some of these changes include:

- Using /pay to send money to other players
- Using /cpay to send mcMMO credits to other players
- UPDATE: Added a cosmetics command. Use /cosmetics to open the menu up in spawn world.
- - Alongside that, you can use /pets, /particles, /emotes, /hats, etc.
- UPDATE: Added Chat notifications! If you are mentioned with your full MC name in chat, you will get a notification and a sound. To turn these notifications off, type /n off.
- UPDATE: Abandoned City loot chests will now take 8 hours to reset before you can loot them again.
- Added a shapeless...
Watch the first episode now!

DrugRun has partnered up with MatrixPlays (link), and the first Lets Play episode is now online!
Matrix will be playing on the server often to record his video's, do live streams and play the game. There are two more episodes planned which will be released soon! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to Matrix if you want to follow the Lets Play's!​
Hello everyone,

:264:Drop Party + Events on Saturday 19th November at 21:00 UTC+1:264:
Make sure you do not miss out on this event! We are having a huge drop party and will play various minigames. We will also celebrate the launch of the Abandoned City, and will open the Booster City. A YouTuber (Link: MatrixPlays) is going to do a lets play on DrugRun as well! He will record on friday, saturday and sunday.

We have released the Abandoned City! Get there now by using /warp abancity
Explore and loot the city with caution, you may run into other players or mobs.
Your items will not be returned if you die!

Find Mystery Keys to open Mystery Crates:
You will find the crates at the towers marked by their beacons.
Note: There are 3 types of towers and keys (420, 421 & 422)

- PvP & PvE is enabled in the city, be careful!
- Player inventories are shared with wild & spawn (Bring your own gear)
- Police are allowed to patrol, loot and frisk in the city
- Over 100 lootable chests hidden over the map
- Chest inventories per player, no loot stealing
- Each chest resets 3 hours after being opened with new loot
- 3 Mystery Crates (420, 421 & 422)
- 3 Mystery Towers marked by colored beacons (420, 421 & 422)

Abandoned City
Open 24/7 to the public
Chest reset time: 3 hours
Loot Multiplier: 1x
/warp abancity